An integrated Health System Strengthening Approach to Reduce the Burden of Malaria in Africa

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Project summary

Include malaria interventions in Enabel health programs in Niger & Burundi, and at a later stage DRC and Uganda. The specific objectives are the following: • Strengthen health system with focus on malaria-related problems • Reduce the burden of malaria by improving the point of care and expanding the use of effective existing tools, including preventive medication and case management, and improving disease surveillance and data for decision-making high-burden settings • Accelerate progress toward effective malaria control by investing in next-generation surveillance systems and research and development efforts • Improving capacity to collect and use data for decision making.

Code BDI2300111SP2
Start date 10 November 2023
End date 06 January 2028
Stage Execution
Donor Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Sector 12250 Infectious disease control
Budget Not available

General objective

Reduce the burden of malaria in a sustainable manner, through a health system strengthening approach

Specific objective

A - OI1 : The institutional capacity of the Ministry of Health is strengthened, with a specific focus on the national malaria program and regional health authorities
B - OI2 : The local health management team is strengthened
C - OI3 : The clinical management of malaria is improved in targeted districts
D - OI4 : Malaria control is improved by investing in research and development
E - OI5 : An efficient surveillance systems for malaria is developed and implemented
F - OI6 : Gender equity integration and progress milestones


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